Portugal’s ANACOM Imposes €2.46 Million Fine on MEO for Regulation Violations

In a recent development, Portugal’s telecommunications regulatory authority, ANACOM, has levied a substantial fine of €2.46 million on MEO for multiple violations concerning contract termination procedures. This decision follows ANACOM’s directives outlined in the “Procedures required for the termination of contracts, on the initiative of subscribers” from 9 March 2012. The violations centered around MEO’s hindrance of subscriber contract terminations, raising concerns about fair competition in the electronic communications market.

Violation Details:

The violations encompassed various practices by MEO that impeded the smooth process of contract termination. These included:

  1. Non-Acceptance of In-Store Termination Requests: MEO refused to accept contract termination requests presented at its stores, creating obstacles for subscribers seeking to terminate their contracts.

  2. Requirement for Retention Line Calls: The company mandated subscribers to receive a call from their retention line before submitting termination requests. This prerequisite delayed or hindered the contract termination process for customers.

  3. Failure to Provide Denunciation Forms: MEO neglected to furnish subscribers with mandatory denunciation forms upon request, infringing on their rights and complicating the contract termination process.

  4. Unnecessary Document Requests: MEO either failed to request essential documents for contract termination or asked for unnecessary documents that it already possessed, adding complexity to the procedure.

  5. Incomplete Information: The company provided incomplete information about means and contacts for submitting contract termination requests, further complicating the process for subscribers.

ANACOM’s Rationale:

ANACOM’s rules, established in 2012, were designed to foster a competitive environment while safeguarding subscriber rights. These rules seek to promote end-user choice and competition among operators, ensuring smooth contract terminations and subscriber mobility. MEO’s actions were deemed particularly grave as they not only violated ANACOM’s legitimate order but also undermined the regulatory framework governing the telecommunications market.

Implications and Future Outlook:

The violation of contract termination procedures underscores the importance of adhering to ANACOM’s regulations. Given the significance of contract termination procedures, ANACOM will closely monitor compliance with these rules to maintain a competitive and subscriber-friendly telecommunications landscape. 


ANACOM’s imposition of a significant fine on MEO for contravening contract termination procedures highlights the authority’s commitment to enforcing fair competition and subscriber rights in Portugal’s electronic communications market. As the sector continues to evolve, adherence to regulatory mandates becomes paramount to ensuring a level playing field for all players. 
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