Enhancing Number Portability Measures for User Convenience in France

Number portability, a valued feature among users in France, witnessed a significant adoption in 2021, with over three million fixed subscribers and more than seven million mobile subscribers choosing to retain their phone numbers when transitioning between operators. This crucial aspect, essential for maintaining a dynamic market, is governed by two decisive Arcep rulings, covering both fixed and mobile numbers.

Improving Business Market Portability

 In response to evolving user needs and based on feedback from users who encountered challenges during number porting, Arcep has embarked on a comprehensive update of the number portability procedures for fixed, mobile, and value-added service (VAS) numbers. A recent Arcep Decision focuses on the business market, aiming to expedite the process by reducing the time span between portability requests and service activation from seven to three business days by 1 July 2027. This change aligns with the existing timeline for consumer fixed and mobile numbers, streamlining the portability process and harmonizing inter-operator processes.

Enhanced Quality of Service and Flexibility

 The newly introduced measures by Arcep also encompass provisions for improved quality of service for business-related fixed numbers and special numbers starting with 08. These enhancements allow customers greater control over number porting by enabling features such as scheduling the porting date, canceling portability requests, and reverting to the original state after portability.

Selective Number Porting for Businesses

 Arcep’s proactive stance extends to mobile numbers assigned to businesses. The regulatory body has facilitated the porting of specific subsets of assigned numbers, permitting businesses to retain greater control over their telecommunications strategies.

Expanded Usage of Operator Identity Statement (RIO): The unique identifier known as the Relevé d’Identité Opérateur (RIO) plays a pivotal role in securing the number portability process for consumers and mobile numbers. Arcep is progressively expanding the RIO’s usage to include fixed numbers in the business sector and special numbers. This expansion is set to occur in three phases:

  1. Starting from 1 December 2023, all fixed numbers, particularly in the business market, will be systematically assigned an RIO. This streamlines the number portability transition from business to consumer market plans.
  2. As of 1 July 2025, the obligation to use an RIO will extend to secure fixed number portability requests associated with business market plans that aren’t part of shared line groups.
  3. By 1 July 2027, the use of an RIO will encompass all fixed number portability requests, including those linked to shared line group contracts.

Enhanced Security Measures

Arcep is committed to bolstering security measures. The quarantine period, during which a canceled number cannot be transferred to another operator, will be extended to apply to all numbers. Additionally, a more secure RIO recovery mechanism will be implemented to mitigate the risk of fraudulent usage.

 The recent Arcep Decision, effective from 1 December 2023, sets in motion a series of enhancements to streamline and secure number portability processes in France. These changes aim to foster user convenience, strengthen security protocols, and ensure a smooth transition for subscribers when changing operators. The measures reflect Arcep’s dedication to evolving alongside user requirements while upholding fair competition in the telecommunications landscape.

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