French Regulator Implements MAN Program

Robocalls have become a pervasive problem globally, leading to significant financial losses and posing a threat to personal information and financial security. According to a Juniper research report, losses from fraudulent robocalling have been on the rise, reaching $53 billion in 2022, with an estimated increase to $58 billion in 2023 and a forecasted escalation to $70 billion by 2027. These fraudulent calls often employ evolving tactics, such as impersonating banks or government agencies, to deceive individuals into divulging sensitive information or making fraudulent transactions.

To Combat Robocalling

The implementation of STIR/SHAKEN in the United States has played a crucial role in reducing fraudulent robocalling, resulting in an anticipated 85% reduction in losses between 2022 and 2023. However, despite these efforts, U.S. consumers still receive an astonishing 4 billion robocalls per month, eroding trust in voice calls.

In response to the increasing menace of robocalls, French legislators have introduced the MAN program (Mécanisme d’Authentification des numéros), designed to combat fraudulent calls and improve communication between consumers and businesses. Similar to the U.S. STIR/SHAKEN framework, the MAN program authenticates calls based on the originating number, assigning them an A, B, or C rating based on the carrier’s relationship with the calling party. This collaborative effort between French telecom operators and the French Telecom Federation aims to prevent fraudulent calls, spoofing, and identity fraud, aligning with the overall strategy of ARCEP (France’s Communications Regulatory Authority) to protect consumers and combat fraudulent communications.

The MAN program requires all ARCEP-notified Operators and owners of numbering resources in France to comply with its regulations by July 25, 2023. Operators must establish the necessary capabilities to sign, verify, and transmit French calls, ensuring that calls are identified and authenticated before reaching the call recipient. This authentication process aims to build trust between the caller and the recipient, reducing the likelihood of the call being ignored or treated as a potential scam. As of now, the French regulator has extended the deadline for operators to block unsigned calls without determining a new deadline for this blocking mandate.

Overall, the MAN program represents a significant step towards combating robocalls in France and promoting secure and trustworthy voice communication between individuals and businesses.

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